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Don't fight your crisis alone, call us 111

Don’t fight your crisis alone, call us 111

From now on, in the event of a disaster requiring humanitarian aid in the form of items or clothing, counselling, or psychological support, Lithuanians are invited to call the short humanitarian aid number 111, and LRK staff and volunteers will provide urgent humanitarian assistance.

Inspired to be the first to help in a crisis

Over the past few years, the Lithuanian Red Cross has faced crises in which it has been active and supportive of the State. The organisation has been a great help during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lithuanian-Belarusian border crisis, and the Ukraine war crisis.

Every day we are active in helping people in crisis situations, and we know that personal disasters, when people are unable to meet their own or their family members’ basic needs, strike people every day. That’s what the humanitarian short code 111 is for – to be closer to people in crisis and to lend a helping hand when they need it most.

WHEN and TO WHOM will we provide emergency humanitarian assistance?

  • After a fire, natural disaster or military conflict;
  • Loss of the main breadwinner;
  • Temporary deprivation;
  • For a single person living alone with difficulties, sudden loss of income or serious illness, unable to meet basic needs;
  • A single mother/father without sufficient income to provide her children with the essentials for their education;
  • A single person raising a child/children with a disability without sufficient income to provide for the children’s basic needs;
  • In case of a need for escort assistance for an elderly person;
  • The need to care for the pet(s) of a single person with a disability.

HOW can we help?

  • Items (clothing, hygiene kits, food, stationery, special tools, household goods;
  • Counselling, mediation, accompaniment;
  • Psychological and psychosocial support;
  • Financial support in the form of vouchers or cards.


What services do we not provide?

  • Nursing;
  • Childcare for children/disabled people;
  • Farm, housing, cemetery or environmental care;
  • Repairs;
  • Paying debts;
  • Reimbursement of utility costs;
  • Taxis;
  • Medical;

Other important information

  • Humanitarian aid is one-off;
  • Each request for assistance is assessed individually;
  • In urgent cases, we provide assistance within 72 hours.

Don't fight your crisis alone


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    Humanitarian aid request form

    The LRK provides humanitarian assistance to people facing sudden and unexpected disasters or situations in which they are unable to provide for their own or their relatives' basic humanitarian needs. While ensuring the security and privacy of your data, this confidential form gives you the opportunity to share the situation for which you are in need of help.

    Detailed description of the situation. What disaster has befallen you? How quickly do you need help? For several people? Describe the specific humanitarian assistance you need?*

    How can we contact you?


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